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  • Any operator / aggregator / partner interfaces support. Architecture of the platform accepts connection of any of non-standard interfaces
  • Easy adjustment of predefined set of request, service numbers.
  • Quick service building with no need of skilled developers.
  • Online target content reformatting on depends of handset manufacturer.


  • Light and intuitively structured user interface
  • Useful capabilities: convenient content publication (WEB publication, WAP publication), with security features enabling access restriction from unauthorized download


  • Modular architecture enables you to deploy services quickly
  • Use existing templates and ready-to-start modules
  • Connect unlimited number of media-partners
  • Well documented APIs and online consultancy help you to run new services quickly. To construct unique, internal services you can use simple PHP, Perl or any other programming language.


  • 24h control including Monitoring Shift. Customer alarm notification. Trouble Ticket SMS escalation.
  • Flexible logging system, Service control system, information about all requests and information sent out.
  • Real Time Report system with wide capabilities: traffic, services, media-partners, etc. Flexible report designer.


  • Security model lets you design any type of access rights for your personnel.
  • Firewall included in any price plan. We use our expertise to manage it with respect to your environment and policies.
  • HOT START: less than 24h to start monetizing after installation!

Product Full-cycle support

  • With any type of contract you get constant support on delivering new releases, protocols, interfaces.
  • Constant handset library update centralized process. No need to worry about new types of equipment!
  • High quality service support including SLA management, Incident and Problem management, Change management. One point of contact for our customers.

Features about MobiCont

Cellular Operators

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