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For comfort of your business we have two price plans on product itself and two for Support care.

For startups - TRAFFIC plan. Services included: product deploying, hot startup under control of MobiCont team - no investments in Software or Hardware environment is needed! It also includes full lifetime support.
Price plan depends on your transaction traffic.

For professionals: FIXED plan.
For those who serve large traffic figures. It gives you power to minimize OPEXes - you pay only for product and separately pay for its support and maintenance according to Support Level (VIP or Standard).


We provide business with two support plans


  • New patches/updates installation
  • 24h HelpDesk support (web access to MobiCare portal) with online consultancy.


All Standard services included.

  • Customer SLAs
  • Deliver - on - Request service: System service design and tests on your business request.

As system grows with it functionalities fast we provide additional consultancy on it.

MobiCont certification program let you learn more about the system. If you need additional level of expertise - ask for product courses. We provide knowledge transfer for: Mobicont User (designed for product managers, top personnel) Mobicont Administrators.

Courses can be taken remotely by web.


Cellular Operators

Tel. +7 (495) 632-36-34
Fax +7 (495) 360-58-37
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